“How To Apply For Canadian Citizenship” Google Searches Skyrocket After 1st Presidential Debate

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – If you did not catch Tuesday night’s presidential debate between President Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden, here’s a little taste of what you missed:

Trump: “Your party wants to go socialist medicine.”
Biden: “You’re the worst president America has ever had, come on.”
Trump: “In 47 months I’ve done more than you did in 47 years.”

The cross-talk lasted 90 minutes, which was long enough to inflate the Google searches for moving to Canada. According to the search engine, queries for “how to apply for Canadian citizenship” skyrocketed about an hour into the yelling match, peaking around 10:30PM.

Social media sounded off on the Canadian citizenship searches saying, “Yeah, until they see the house prices and grocery prices and taxes.” And “Hockey and healthcare, winning combination.”

Our question of the night: what one word would you use to describe the debate?

This episode’s panel includes:
WCCB TV’s Morgan Fogarty
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