Poll Workers Offer Tips to Make Voting An Easy And Quick Process

CHARLOTTE, NC –  With just six days remaining until Election Day, organizers at Mecklenburg County’s busiest early voting site are offering ways to make the process smooth and easy. 

Since early voting began there’s been a near constant stream of voters at the Carmel Commons precinct in South Charlotte. 

“I think the first day we started up we had a line that wrapped around the building,” said Michael Carraher, the site coordinator. 

He says people can make the voting process easy by preparing ahead of time. Researching candidates online and familiarizing themselves with a sample ballot.  

“It might cut down the time they’re actually on the panel making their choices,” said Carraher.

Once you arrive, you’ll be directed to stand in line where masks are encouraged and offered.

Carraher says that you are allowed to wear your favorite candidate’s hat or shirt, but once inside 50 feet, you can’t discuss politics with other voters or actively campaign. 

“We expect everybody to be orderly and peaceful,” said Carraher. 

Once inside, If you’re currently registered, you’ll just need to state your name and address. 

If unregistered, you’ll need identification and possibly a proof of residency. 

“If they’ve had an address change, then they need to bring some type of utility bill or bank statement,” said Carraher. 

After making your choices on the machine, you’ll get a paper print out that will display all of your selections. 

“Which they can then review and then they take it over to what is called a tabulator. And the tabulator is where they are actually casting their vote,” explained Carraher. 

It’s a simple process that Carraher says should only take about 20 minutes. 

This year, voters will be given a pen with a stylus on it instead of a sticker. Carraher says stickers are the most requested item by voters.