Concerns About Civil Unrest Across Country After Election Results

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Businesses in major cities are boarding up over concerns about possible civil unrest following the election.

Locally, CMPD says it is prepared for any possible mass gatherings or demonstrations.

But the department says, as of Monday, it has not heard of any plans for protests in Charlotte.

“I think you always have to be prepared, particularly given the climate the last year or so, in terms of all the way from Charlottesville coming forward,” explains former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker.

He says police across the country should be monitoring any threats.

“Mine all the intelligence that you can get your hands on, about whether it’s a right-wing group or a left-wing group, on particularly the extremist ends of those groups,” Swecker says.

Outside the White House in Washington, crews have put up a non-scalable fence.

And while Swecker expects unrest in parts of the country, he feels confident it won’t happen here.

“I’m pretty much guaranteeing you that’s not going to happen here in Charlotte, North Carolina, because our police department is very well prepared, they’re led well, they have the right equipment, they have the right training,” Swecker says.

We’re told social media rumors about buildings being boarded up in Uptown Charlotte on Monday are not true.

And while it seems like we’re in unprecedented times, Swecker says unrest is nothing new.

“People are expressing themselves and then people get over expressing themselves. but it’s not the first time it’s happened in this country and that’s what makes this country great, we’ll come back from all of this, I mean, we get through it,” he says.