Absentee By Mail Ballot Counting Continues In Mecklenburg County

CHARLOTTE, NC – Absentee by mail ballot counting continued on Friday night in Mecklenburg County. 

North Carolina is still too close to call as about 90,000 absentee ballots and about 40,000 provisional ballots hang in the balance.  President Trump is leading Joe Biden in North Carolina by about 70,000 votes. 

While not the most exciting or entertaining process. Counting of absentee ballots, postmarked by election day is extremely important. 

“Remember, we are not counting people that voted after November 3rd,” said Meck. Co. Elections Dir. Michael Dickerson. 

Dickerson says typically, three days after the election would be the last day they could receive absentee ballots. 

But because of COVID-19 this year, a judge allowed ballots to be accepted all the way to November 12th.

Those ballots must be postmarked by November 3rd to be counted. 

Dickerson says the board checks the signatures, addresses, and the post mark of each absentee by mail ballot. 

“They will open up the ballots, come out, flatten then and we’ll take them over to the tabulators and we’ll run those,” said Dickerson.

“I want to make sure that there is an accurate counting of absentee ballots,” said Bessie Rhoades. 

Rhoades stood outside watching through the window with a handful of other people observing the count. 

“I think it’s very important that it’s an open process,” said Rhoades. 

She says Trump supporters on Facebook were encouraging people to monitor vote counts. 

“Wherever votes are counted to go down and make your presence known to guarantee our wishes are being carried out,” said Rhoades. 

It’s a painstakingly slow process, but one that ensures every vote counts. 

There are also about 40,000 provisional ballots in North Carolina. Ballot counting will continue through November 12th. The state will then audit the results before holding a certification meeting on November 23rd.