Charlotteans Finding Inspiration From Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris

CHARLOTTE, NC – Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris is making an impression on women and girls in the Charlotte region. A California senator and former state attorney general, Harris says she’s spent her life fighting injustice. 

Her message of empowerment and breaking barriers resonated with Charlotteans. 

“I think Kamala Harris in the role that which she has achieved is really going to shift, I hope, the perception of what women of color can bring to the table,” said Janine Davie, a V101.9 radio personality. 

Davis is also the founder of Girl Talk Foundation. In that role, Davis works to build self esteem in young women and help them gain confidence and social competency. 

“It’s a new normal for young girls today because they have seen women achieve,” said Davis. 

She says Harris is a visible role model for millions of american women. 

“I’m hoping that  that’s something that we can make sure that these young ladies can take with them. That confidence in knowing that you can. If Kamala can, you know you can too,” said Davis. 

“It is inspirational to all of us,” said Camille Cruse-Marshall. 

The Charlotte Area mother and her 14 year old daughter, Dakota were drawn to Harris during the campaign. 

Cruse-Marshall says Harris is an example she can use to encourage her daughter down a leadership path. 

“To embrace the community and fight for community causes,” said Cruse-Marshall.

“I feel proud of her. And especially since she is a black woman, it’s really good to look up to,” said Dakota. 

It’s a monumental achievement for Harris. She is breaking barriers not only for herself, but the next generation as well. 

“Watching her get to be successful and be able to achieve such a big thing like that kind of feels like a relief to know that you can get there,” said Dakota.