Huntersville Gas Pipeline Spill Now In Excess of 330,000 Gallons

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. – Continuing frustration for neighbors living near a massive gas spill in Huntersville.

The amount lost is now estimated at more than 330,000 gallons and counting, which is much more than first thought.

Crews are working around the clock, recovering 3,000 to 5,000 gallons a day.

“The fact that it’s been going on for several months is extremely concerning,” says neighbor Brandon Uttley.

He lives in one of several neighborhoods near the spill site, off Huntersville-Concord Road.

Teens riding ATV’s through the Oehler Nature Preserve discovered the spill and reported it in August.

Neighbors’ frustrations continue as the estimated amount spilled has grown from 63,000 gallons in August, to 270,000 gallons in September, and now “in excess of 330,000 gallons.”

“Colonial Pipeline has really not been very forthcoming with information. They obviously misstated the facts early on, so when the truth came out about the extent of it, it was pretty upsetting,” Uttley says.

Colonial Pipeline and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality gave Huntersville Town Commissioners an update on Monday night, saying they’re not sure what the final spill amount will be.

“We really regret the inconvenience and the concern that this incident has caused to the neighbors and the community. And we’re committed, deeply committed to keeping them informed throughout the process,” said Angie Kolar, with Colonial Pipeline, during the meeting.

Many people living near the area have well water. More than 60 monitoring wells have been set up in the area. Colonial Pipeline says so far no petroleum has been detected in those wells.