State & Local Leaders Warn North Carolinians Not to Let Their Guard Down Amid Rising COVID Cases

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A plea from local and state leaders: don’t let your guard down.

With COVID cases on the rise and concerns about further spread over the holidays, Gov. Roy Cooper is taking new steps he hopes will prevent another shutdown in North Carolina.

The Governor says right now the state’s metrics are increasing, but not surging like in other states.

“Letting the virus win now, with vaccines coming so soon, is like punting at the 10-yard line. That’s foolish!” Cooper said during a news conference on Tuesday.

North Carolina is also launching a county health alert system, which will pinpoint viral hotspots.

Yellow counties, like Mecklenburg, have significant spread.

Orange counties have substantial spread.

And red counties have critical spread.

In our area: Alexander, Avery, and Gaston counties are labeled critical.

“I think this is a great opportunity for folks to come together as a local community to understand their numbers,” said State Health Director Dr. Mandy Cohen, during the news conference.

Mecklenburg County Commissioners also got a closer look at positive percentage rates by zip code at a meeting on Tuesday night.

The highest is 28214 in the western part of the county, with a 12.7% positive rate.

Deputy Health Director Dr. Raynard Washington says that’s likely due to the proximity to Gaston County.

“Once again it’s just a reminder that COVID-19 does not have any knowledge or awareness of geographic boundaries that we create,” Washington told County Commissioners.

The lowest is 3.7% in 28207, covering parts of Eastover and Myers Park in Charlotte.