Local Remdesivir Trial Patient Shares His Experience With The Drug

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. – Remdesivir seems to do for COVID patients what Tamiflu does for flu patients: it doesn’t cure you, but it shortens the amount of time you feel sick. A Remdesivir trial is underway right now at the Rosedale Health Clinic in Huntersville.

“About three weeks ago, on a Monday morning, I woke up with a really bad headache,” says Davaren Hargrove. He thought it was just a run of the mill headache. But, “Tuesday the headache was still there.” And, “Thursday I woke up and actually felt sick.” Hargrove continues, “I couldn’t even smell bleach, so I knew I was in trouble at that point.”

Hargrove went to the doctor for a COVID test, and when it came back positive, he decided to participate in the Remdesivir trial at his doctor’s office. He got IV infusions of the medicine, three days in a row. Each IV treatment lasted about 30 minutes.

One of his nurses, Steven Haynes, wants people to stay on high alert about the pandemic. “It’s just imperative that at this point, we’ve got to start thinking of other people,” says Haynes.

Haynes says all five of his patients in the trial benefited from Remdesivir. He says, “My first guy was really sick. So it was really interesting to watch his progression even from day one to day three, that change was very drastic for him.”

The trial doesn’t cost the patients anything. In fact, they get a stipend every visit. But that didn’t sway Hargrove one way or the other. He says, “I was willing to do anything that would make me feel better.”

The trial is about a one month process for each patient. They go to the doctor’s office on day 1, 2 and 3, for the IV treatment, then again on day 7, 14 and 28 for a check-up. Also, last week, Hargrove tested negative for COVID.