What Will Governor’s Expanded Order Mean for Local Mask Enforcement?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A stark warning from Governor Roy Cooper, as COVID cases rise across North Carolina.

The Governor is tightening the state’s mask mandate ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday and calling for stricter local enforcement.

The Governor’s updated executive order means CMPD can now cite individuals for violating the mask mandate.

However, the department says citations will only be done as a last resort.

At restaurants, you must wear a mask, even while sitting at a table — anytime you’re not actively eating or drinking.

At stores, businesses 15,000 sq. feet or larger must have an employee monitoring the entrance to make sure customers are wearing masks.

And at the gym, you must wear a mask while inside, even while exercising.

CMPD released this statement on enforcement:

“The updated Order grants the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department the discretion to cite individual citizens for violation of the mask mandate. The CMPD will continue to manage COVID related complaints on a case by case basis.

Every complaint is vetted for an appropriate response. The CMPD will continue to work to reach voluntary cooperation with each member of the community through education and conversations, only resorting to citations as a last-measure. 

This has been the CMPD’s approach to consistent enforcement of the Order, and it will remain so until the Order is rescinded.  It’s encouraging to note that CMPD continues to receive a tremendous level of cooperation from the community, and we’re very grateful for the unified efforts during this time.”