Charlotte Douglas International Airport Launches A Virtual Presentation On Its Expansion Project

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Officials with the Charlotte Douglas International Airport say they’ve launched a virtual presentation of their proposal to build a new runway and expand two concourses in lieu of any in-person meetings.


Click here to see the 20-presentation on Youtube.

Officials say the presentation reviews the Environmental Assessment (EA) process, explains the project’s purpose, and will allow for comments to discuss alternative options.

“The EA will evaluate 18 potential direct, indirect and cumulative environmental impacts that may result from the proposal. They include noise and noise-compatible land use, air quality, water resources, historic resources and socioeconomics and environmental justice, ” CLT Douglas Airport officials say.

Officials say the public is encouraged to watch and comment on the video before January 4th, 2020, and anyone who needs special accommodations, including audio or visual assistance, can call 407-440-1060.

Click here for more information on the Charlotte Douglas International Airport proposed expansion project.