Experts Offer Ways To Cope, Talk To Children, In Wake Of Capitol Riot

CHARLOTTE, NC – The images are unsettling. A riot at the Nation’s Capitol is creating many emotions for people in the Charlotte area.

“People are literally afraid. Afraid,” said Veronda Bellamy, a Charlotte area therapist.

She says clients are feeling anxious, depressed and lost.

“It’s been a really challenging 10 months. It’s just like it continues to snowball,” said Bellamy.

Bellamy says people are hyper plugged in, not only to their televisions and computers, but constantly on their phones and social media, which can impact their minds.

“What I’ve challenged a lot of my clients to do is to find a way to disconnect. And how you find that way is simply disconnect,” explained Bellamy.

She says to get outdoors and connect with friends at a distance. Also to ponder how the events in Washington truly impact your life on an individual basis.

“Because so often in our minds we think one thing, but our reality can be really different,” said Bellamy.

Teens and children were also exposed to the shocking scenes.

Ken Yeager, Director, Stress, Trauma & Resilience Program/ :15 “There are many teachable moments in this,” said Ken Yeager, the director of Stress, Trauma & Resilience Program at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center.

He says it’s important to acknowledge your children’s feelings, limit their exposure so not to overwhelm them, and make them feel safe, by grounding them in the moment.

“Just because there are bad things going on around you, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s coming directly toward you,” said Yeager.

Bellamy says she hopes moving forward, more people will become aware of mental health and how important it is for everyone of every age.