Bumble Suspends Political Filter After Several Users Target Conservatives

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The dating app Bumble suspends its political filter after women allegedly used it to match with conservatives to find Capitol rioters and report them.

Bumble officials said in a Twitter post on Thursday, January 14th that they are temporarily removing the filter to prevent misuse.

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An immigration lawyer in Washington, D.C., Allison Norris, took to Twitter to say she knew someone using the filter to identify rioters and pass their information along to law enforcement.

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Norris was replying to a scholar in the cyber program at the Middle East institute, Alia Awadallah, who says she has noticed the rising number of MAGA men on dating apps since the riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Bumble officials say the app requires women to message first, and that they are encouraging users to block and report anyone acting against community guidelines.

Several Bumble users say they were frustrated with the removal of the political filter because they couldn’t narrow their dating pool or report those using the app who were involved in the deadly pro-Trump riot.

Some users called out Bumble saying they shouldn’t stop users from finding these domestic terrorists through the app, but Bumble assured users they would not allow any content promoting terrorism or racial hatred.

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