Teachers Raise Concerns As Cabarrus County Schools Return to In-Person Learning


CONCORD, N.C. – Cabarrus County Schools will return to “Plan B” on Tuesday, despite outcry from many teachers.

Some say they’re worried the school board is making a decision bowing to political pressure, rather than seriously considering the science and data.

The latest numbers show a 16 percent positivity rate in the county and 113 people in the hospital.

But board members cite anxious parents who want their kids back in school.

The Cabarrus Association of Educators released a statement saying:

“On January 14, the Cabarrus Board of Education called a meeting for “transparency” in Plan B, but instead undermined staff morale with divisive rhetoric when the majority of Cabarrus County’s parents and teachers support each other’s efforts. The current school board, with the exception of Carolyn Carpenter, has consistently made decisions that have run counter to scientific data and the recommendations of the superintendent and Cabarrus Health Alliance. The majority of Cabarrus County teachers and parents want our board to make decisions guided by objective data and clear recommendations from medical experts in the field of infectious diseases and public safety. Further, the board requested survey data from their employees, and employees would like their concerns acknowledged and addressed as part of the solution of returning students to schools. Cabarrus County teachers and parents have been working harder than ever, doing work in ways they have never been previously called to do. We remain united in our desire to educate children and keep them safe as best we can in a raging pandemic. With rampant teacher shortages across North Carolina projected to worsen, this is certainly an interesting time for the board to act as if educators are disposable. We hope our Board of Education will soon listen to objective data from experts, follow their recommendations, and focus their efforts on supporting CCS in implementing the recommended plan.”