Charlotte Woman Outraged Over Maskless Employees At Atrium’s SouthPark Emergency Department

CHARLOTTE — A local hospital is responding after a woman snapped photos of nurses and staff not wearing masks in a Southpark Emergency Department.
Susan Klepper took her daughter to the Atrium Health hospital Saturday.  She posted photos and sent them to hospital management.  Hospital officials quickly responded, and assured her they would make changes.
“It made me feel that I was heard.  She said she was livid that they spent so much time educating,” says Klepper.
She says she doesn’t want anyone to get fired.  Klepper believes the hospital should install cameras so employees and patients can be monitored.

CHARLOTTE —  A Charlotte woman says she was outraged over a recent trip to a Charlotte emergency room.  She snapped photos of the nurses station at Atrium Health’s SouthPark Emergency Department.  The employees weren’t wearing masks.

Susan Klepper says she questioned why the workers weren’t masked up.

“They said the masks do nothing, he said the mask you’re wearing, I know it’s an N-95, but, the particles are microscopic and they can get through,” says Klepper.

Atrium Health issued this response:

“The hospital takes patient safety very seriously, and as part of that, we expect staff, patients, and visitors to be properly wearing a mask at all times.  The photos have been shared with the leadership team at this facility, and at the enterprise level, and they are addressing the situation immediately.”

Klepper says more should be done to make sure patients and workers are protected and wearing masks.  She believes Atrium should install video surveillance equipment in their hospitals and emergency rooms.