South Carolina Man Designs Inauguration Fits Representing Black American Designers

COLUMBIA, S.C. — First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris turned heads at the 2021 presidential inauguration with their all monochromatic looks designed by South Carolina native Sergio Hudson.

Hudson praises the Auntie Karen Foundation located in Columbia, South Carolina for his success in the fashion industry.

The Auntie Karen Foundation is a non-profit focused on creating and implementing community outreach programs to help empower, enlighten, and educate others through the arts.

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Hudson says he worked closely with the Harris team to create her shimmering tuxedo overcoat and dress she wore to close out inauguration day.

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Vice President Kamala Harris also represented two other Black designers with the Pryer Moss coat she wore to the COVID-19 memorial, and the all-purple outfit by Christopher Rodgers she wore to swear-in as vice president.

First Lady Michelle Obama donned an all purple look at the inauguration also by Sergio Hudson that gained major attention on social media.

Hudson called the plum monochrome look a ‘whole mood,’ and thanked Michelle Obama’s stylist who accessorized the look with a gold oversized belt, black leather gloves, and Stuart Weitzman suede boots.

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Sergio Hudson designs and produces women’s luxury ready-to-wear clothing in Los Angeles, and through designing these looks for the inauguration, he has given a voice to Black American-made designer items worn by political leaders.

“I have African-American daughters, so working on this project meant more to me than I think anything I’ve ever done,” Hudson expresses. “It gave meaning to what I do because sometimes when you’re in fashion it’s perceived as frivolous and that we don’t really bring anything to the world. So when you get those moments to show like, ‘Look, we can be a part of this too’ and to show my daughters that because of this woman, your dad took a part in her being celebrated, was amazing to me.”

The color purple not only represents majesty and is a nod to the Women’s Suffrage Movement, but it also represents bipartisanship, which President Biden has promised to work towards as he takes on the presidency in a tumultuous time for both democrats and republicans.

Officials with Women’s Wear Daily say the choice to wear purple may also be representative of Rep. Shirley Chisholm, who was the first Black woman elected to Congress and ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1972.

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