Local Elections in North Carolina Could Be Delayed by a Year

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Your local elected leaders might get to extend their current term.

2021 municipal elections will likely be delayed in North Carolina.

Census data isn’t ready yet, meaning new districts can’t be drawn.

“We won’t stop our campaign over here. We want to keep going strong,” says Charlotte City Council at-large candidate Curtis Hayes Jr.

It’s been a month since Hayes announced his bid.

Hayes plans to keep his campaign going, even though there may no longer be an election this year.

“We will continue to fight this journey all the way until they open it up,” he says.

That might not be until 2022.

By law, each district must have an even number of voters.

Census data is delayed due to the pandemic, meaning it’s currently impossible to draw up even districts.

“You know a city and a county like Mecklenburg has grown tremendously over the last 10 years, so you would suspect that you would have districts completely out of number,” explains Mecklenburg Co. Elections Director Michael Dickerson.

The state’s top election official has asked state lawmakers to go ahead and delay the election.

In Charlotte, it means City Council members would add an extra year to their current term.

Then, those elected in 2022 would only serve for one year.

Hayes says he’s okay with that.

“If I’m there for one year, I’ll get elected for that one year. I’ll run again,” Hayes says.