Suspected Arsonist Arrested After Setting Caldwell Co. Deputy’s House on Fire

CALDWELL COUNTY, N.C. – Shocking new video shows an accused arsonist setting fire to a Caldwell Co. Deputy’s home.

The suspect shouts, “you’re dead,” and “you had this coming,” as he throws liquid from a bucket at the front door and strikes a lighter.

It happened just before 5:00 on Sunday morning at the home on Morrison Place, near Granite Falls.

41-year-old William Sisk is now locked up in the Caldwell County Jail, charged with Arson and Attempted 1st Degree Murder.

The Deputy says he wasn’t home at the time, but his dogs woke up a house sitter, who put the fire out before it spread beyond the front door.

The suspect, Sisk, was taken into custody just down the street from where that fire happened.

Investigators say he assaulted two deputies while he was being arrested.

We’re told Sisk lives nearby, but the Deputy says he’s never had any interaction with him and can only imagine he was targeted because of his profession.

“It’s awful. I mean, who would even think of doing that?” asks Granite Falls resident Adrian Barlow.

Barlow and others nearby say they’re shocked by the brazen nature of the crime.

“I don’t think it’s right. He’s out here doing his job and protecting us, and so, we shouldn’t have to live in fear like that,” he says.