Concord Native Creates March Madness Intro



CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Samuel Grubbs is no stranger to viral videos, with over seven million followers on Tik Tok. When Craig Murray from Turner Sports approached him to put together something to open up the tournament on TNT, the Concord native was feeling the pressure.

“Our video was literally the kickoff video for March Madness,” Grubbs said. “It was just a race against time. We had one or two like all-nighter’s where we did not sleep. It was just like you work from one morning to the next night.”

This isn’t Grubbs’ first rube Goldberg machine, but it’s certainly the biggest. He created it with his team, made up of his wife Allison Grubbs, Jesse Connor, David Connor, Daniel Hart, Zachary Gibson, Andrew Raynor, and Andy Townsend. They rented a 16,00 square-foot warehouse here in Charlotte to build it in. It took a month from designing it to building it, and it was no easy task, though.

“This isn’t something you just walk in, and you’re like, “Hey, I’m going to put this together, and then boom, it works,” Grubbs said. “There were things that we tweaked for days and days.”

Despite working nonstop for weeks, they had not gotten it to work, but the clock was ticking.

“Yeah, that was crazy cause the morning of the shoot, we are still finalizing the build of the actual machine, and we had tested pieces, of course, right, but I mean they’re pulling up, everybody’s rolling in, and we’re sitting there kind of a running around like chickens with their heads cut off,” Grubbs said.

They didn’t get it on day one, but on the second day on the last shot, success.

“I kid you not, that one, it worked all the way through, one take, and what’s funny is I wasn’t even high-fiving him. I wasn’t like yelling in excitement or whatever. I was just sitting there on aw. Like it finally happened,” Grubbs said.