Walgreens in Monroe Accidently Gives Patients Saline Solution Instead of COVID Vaccine


MONROE, N.C. – A rare vaccine mix-up at a local Walgreens.

The company is trying to figure out how some people, who were supposed to get a COVID shot, were accidently injected with a saline solution instead.

Walgreens Communications tells WCCB Charlotte the mix-up happened at one of its stores in Monroe.

A customer who says she was impacted by the mix-up tells WCCB Charlotte it happened at the location on Fincher Street, off Highway 74 on March 20th.

The company is contacting people who are affected and rescheduling their does.

It’s unclear how many people got the wrong injection.

Here is the full statement from Walgreens Communications:

“We recently learned of a limited number of patients who did not receive the vaccine at one of our Monroe, North Carolina, stores and instead received an injection of saline. In alignment with CDC recommendations, we reached out to all impacted patients and administered a COVID-19 vaccination as soon as the impacted patients were available to return to the pharmacy. These patients will later receive their second dose within the appropriate time frame. We are investigating what happened and have taken immediate steps to review our procedures with the location to prevent this from occurring again.”