CMS Expands Capacity for HS Playoff Games Following Parent Petition

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is expanding attendance capacity for high school football playoff games and other Spring sports.

It comes after parents started a petition asking the district for the change.

“I’m a kid in a candy store on game day, just being there ready to go,” says Providence High School parent Monique Parker.

Parker considers herself the “football mom” for the Providence High School Panthers.

Her son, Jamar Price, is a running back on the team.

With limited capacity due to COVID restrictions, she started the petition asking the district to allow more people in for playoff games.

“We always send out the link for tickets and within an hour of the link going out live, I started getting emails about, ‘sold out,’ ‘tickets not available,'” Parker says.

That’s because CMS had limited capacity to 500 people – 300 for the home team, 200 for away – despite the state now allowing 50 percent capacity at outdoor stadiums.

She worried many family members might not be able to attend.

“And Butler, who we’re playing is so close, it’s almost a home game for them, so the limit it was just unfathomable,” she says.

It didn’t take long after Parker started her petition for CMS to announce it’s now raising capacity to 30 percent.

It’s not the 50 percent Parker was hoping for, but still a marked improvement.

“To me, 30 percent is a win. Because that allows us to really be able to encourage and engage, not only our parents, our students, but the community and have that real feel of a sense of football. You know it may be spring football, but again it’s still football,” she says.

Now she’s looking forward to rooting on her son on Friday night.

“And our kids deserve it, like I said, for the seniors these are moments that they’ll never forget and we want to make sure they’re surrounded by love,” Parker says.

The 30 percent rule will also apply to indoor sporting events at CMS schools.

The changes go into effect on Friday.