Charlotte City Manager Unveils FY 2022 Budget

CHARLOTTE, NC – The Charlotte city manager unveiled the fiscal year 2022 budget to council on Monday night. The $2.7 billion dollar plan addresses transportation, housing, policing, and city services.

“It’s about people, places, and our future,” said Marcus Jones. The Charlotte City Manager.

Jones called the budget “part two” of the pandemic recovery, which is happening at a rapid pace.

“We’ve been able to maintain our reserves and provide core services without laying off any employees,” said Jones.

The budget calls for the completion of the Cross Charlotte trail, which will connect green ways and paths in the next five years at a cost of an additional 20 million dollars.

Thirty six million dollars was set aside for arts and culture.

The police budget increased by 3.7% to more than 300 million dollars.

“We’ll be replacing police calls for mental health calls and for non violent emergency calls,” said Robert Dawkins.

Dawkins is the Political Director for Action NC. He says the city approved a $1.2 million dollar pilot program in the Beatties Ford corridor that will have certified trained clinicians responding to mental health calls instead of police.

“So instead of getting arrested for having a mental disorder, you would be treated for it,” said Dawkins.

He says money was also approved for an external review of the department’s budget and effectiveness.

“What can we do better? What can we outsource? And How can we maintain a high level of calls for service without having a police presence,” said Dawkins.

The city also plans to spend one million dollars on 22 electric vehicles to be used in various departments.

Also in the budget, voters have the option to approve a bond measure to fund $50 million dollars for affordable housing.

The public will have a chance to make their voices heard on the budget line items on Monday May 10th.