Two Families Connected Through One Heart Meet Face-to-Face For The First Time

CHARLOTTE, NC – Two families, connected through one heart. It was an emotional meeting for Bobby Davis, a South Carolina man who’s life was saved through a heart transplant. The family of the man who’s heart is now beating inside Davis flew to Charlotte to finally meet Davis in person.

“So nice to meet you,” said Davis giving out hugs.

He thanked John and Jody Pelt for the gift of life.

“I’ll never be able to thank these people or this hospital for what it’s done,” said Davis.

Davis endured a 10 year battle with congestive heart failure. His condition worsened in 2019 and he was sent to Atrium Health Carolina’s Medical Center for a heart transplant.

“Things that you were so accustomed to doing beforehand, you lose the ability,” said Davis.

Davis was in dire need of a new heart.  And he was running out of time.

“She looked right at me with my other doctors right there and said Mr. Davis you don’t understand. You don’t have 14 days,” explained Davis.

Atrium Doctors had found a match. A 20 year old shooting victim in Eastpointe Michigan. Bill Scruggs.

“As a mom, I was worried that he would be forgotten. And now he wont,” said Jody Pelt, tears filling her eyes.

John and Jody Pelt were mourning the unimaginable loss of their son, but his donated heart,  saved Davis’s life.

“You know I can’t change what happened to Bill, but this makes it feel less painful knowing that something good came out of it,” said Pelt with a smile.

“Every day I grow stronger and stronger and stronger,” said Davis.

Davis began writing to the family. Thanking them and building a relationship.

“If they hadn’t reached out to us it would just be a tunnel of darkness with no light at all,” said Pelt.

Now, A bell for patients to ring after a successful heart transplant hangs in Atrium Health’s heart transplant floor. “Bill’s Bell”l and his story are there as a sign of encouragement.

The two families are now connected through one heart.

“They’re not strangers. They’re family now,” said Pelt.