SC HBCU Clinton College To Cut Tuition By 50% In Fall

ROCK HILL, S.C. — A historically black college in South Carolina is cutting tuition in half for its students this fall.

Clinton College, located in Rock Hill, is also offering every student a new computer tablet, a news outlet reported.

The college says COVID-19 is the reason for the tuition change. The college wants to make sure families can pay for their students to get a college education.

Associate Vice President of Student Enrollment Jocelyn Biggs said that while the pandemic is not nearly as widespread as it was last year, those same hardships — loss of jobs and income — continue for some people. Still, Biggs said she doesn’t think that should stop anyone from getting an education.

”This is our way of saying you can still go to college at a reduced tuition amount and we’re here to help,” Biggs said.

Tuition for full-time students living on campus is $10,165 per semester and $5,240 for those living off-campus.

Biggs said she hopes the reduced rate will also attract students who haven’t made up their mind about where they want to go this fall.

Clinton College was one of many schools established by the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church during Reconstruction to help eradicate illiteracy among freedmen, according to its website. It has operated for 120 years.