Hidden Gems of CLT: Mano Bella Artisan Foods

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CHARLOTTE, NC. — WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich visits Mano Bella Artisan Foods

When Madison and Raffaele Patrizi make their authentic Italian food, it’s handmade, handcrafted, and made with love. The inspiration behind the name of their food company: Mano Bella Artisan Foods. Which means beautiful hand in Italian.

The couple was living in LA, where Madison was working as an architect, and Raffaele was working in the food industry after moving to the states from his home city of Rome.

“I saw that my cooking, people liked my cooking style,” Raffaele says.

In 2018 they moved to Charlotte to be closer to Madison’s family.

“We always just hated that we never got to spend enough time together because we are working such different hours. So we always knew we were just going to start something of our own one day, and we always knew it was going to be called Mano Bella,” says Madison.

While Raffaele worked in the food industry here in Charlotte at restaurants like Mama Ricotta’s, Madison was working jobs here and there as a waitress, selling homemade shadow boxes, and driving for door dash.

“So we were just kind of waiting for the right moment for him to kind of leave that and take that leap and really commit to this dream.”

In February, they opened Mano Bella. Working with local farmers and using quality ingredients to make their pasta, cannolis, focaccia bread, biscotti, and more. Cooking their food in a commercial kitchen, working long hours seven days a week. You can find the couple’s food in farmer’s markets around the Queen City. The couple says the Charlotte community has received them really well.

“I believed in what we were doing, I knew that other people would connect with what we’re putting out there in the world, but I just didn’t think it would happen that quickly.”

You can find their website here.