Congestion On The Roads And In The Sky Ahead Of The Holiday Weekend

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Due to the national labor shortage, you’ll need to pack your patience over the holiday and throughout the summer. Charlotte-Douglass Airport officials say travelers may experience longer than normal lines at security checkpoints and concessions. Pamela Hills says she noticed the crowds as she flew back home to Charlotte Thursday.

“I did travel early because I didn’t wanna get caught with the Fourth of July rush,” Hills says.

Airport officials say the largest crowds are starting today with approximately 27,0000- 28,000 daily local passengers along with more than 100,000 daily connecting passengers during the 2019 Fourth of July season. Charlotte’s busiest days saw 30,000 to 33,000 daily local passengers and more than 100,000 connecting passengers. Drive-up parking rates at the airport will also increase on July 6th.

“I drove myself, but the parking lot was full, so that was tough. So went over to park and go, and they got them to belay my car,” says traveler Karen Zurek.

According to AAA, 1.2 million North Carolinians and nearly 636 thousand South Carolinians are hitting the road for the holiday weekend. Prices at the pump this Independence day will be almost a dollar more than last year, as prices were severely suppressed due to low demand because of the pandemic. Last year, North Carolina gas prices are averaging $2.87 per gallon, while south Carolina gas prices are averaging $2.81 per gallon. Travelers say they’re trying to beat the rush.