Hidden Gems Of CLT: Historic Landmark In NoDa

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CHARLOTTE, NC. — WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich visits a historic landmark in NoDa.

Once upon a time, 120 years ago to be exact, North Davidson Street in NoDa was mostly farmland lined with textile mills.

“What is now Heist Brewery down the way was the biggest textile mill in North Carolina when it opened in 1903. More mills up N. Davidson St. here, the only became NoDa in the 80s and 90s as it became an arts district,” says Charlotte Historian Tom Hanchett.

A spot known for tacos and margaritas was, in fact, the heartbeat of downtown back in the day, Hanchett says. The Cabo Fish Taco building is from 1912, and the historic landmark was a centerpiece of the neighborhood where the clubs and fraternal organizations met. It was also a pharmacy.

“Jasper K. Hand ran it to serve people who lived here who worked here, and he not only sold the Patten medicines of the day and aspirin and fly swatters and whatever. But he made his own pet medicine, something called livolaxtonic, The family regulator.”

In the ’70s, textile production began to stop in North Charlotte, and what we know as NoDa, the quirky neighborhood with art, music, and restaurants, began to form.

“Fast forward to the 90s and the beginning of the rebirth here was young folks with new ideas finding this affordable space.”

Hanchett says NoDa is an area of the Queen City where the old and the new intertwine.

“It is a city that has been growing and changing in every decade unlike most cities in the United States which means that we’ve demolished a lot of stuff and built new again, and again and again. So we find something like this corner of Noda where you can see the progression of history over time it adds a richness to the flavor of Charlotte.”