Charlotte Nonprofits Using E-Sports To Teach Kids About STEM Careers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Some local nonprofits are using e-sports as a gateway to teach high schoolers about careers in STEM.

The Youth Technology Apprenticeship Camp is held  in Uptown Charlotte.

It’s designed to engage students in things like coding and computer sciences while they compete with other schools.

It’s put on in part by Charlotte City Council member Tariq Bokhari’s nonprofit organization Carolina Fintech Hub.

“All week long this cohort’s been working hard, they’ve been deconstructing PCs and learning how to build hardware, they’ve been coding and learning how to build apps and code in certain languages.” Bokhari says. “After those hard work pieces are done, they get to come together with a professionally produced and cast esports competition.”

The program also offers a chance for students to earn college scholarships.