Controversial Dress Code At Uptown Rooftop Bar; Some Calling It Discriminatory

CHARLOTTE, NC. — What was supposed to be a fun Friday night checking out a new spot with friends turning into a nightmare for Charlotte content creator Tasha McCaskiel. She and five other friends went to Novelty House rooftop bar on East Fifth Street.

“One of the guys that I was with, they stopped him and said that he couldn’t get in based on what he was wearing,” says McCaskiel.

McCaskiel says her friend was wearing a polo and dressy shorts. She says she noticed white male patrons wearing jeans and asked staff if jeans were acceptable for men’s dress code. The content creator says she was told jeans were allowed. Her friend then changed into jeans and came back. He still wasn’t let in. That’s when she spoke to the managing partner of Novelty House.

“And I was like, they wouldn’t let him in, but he went to change, and there’s plenty of white males in here that look way more casual than him.”

McCaskiel posted a video about her experience. Saying the dress code is discriminatory.

“When you set a dress code and only apply it to certain people, and that’s when it’s a problem, and that’s when it becomes a race thing, and there’s no other way to work around it.”

McCaskiel’s video went viral. She wasn’t the only one who experienced this. One woman writing a review on Facebook saying:
“Denied black male into location due to shorts; however, white males and females were allowed in. Unfortunately, I will never return. We will spread the word to others as well.”

On Google reviews, others writing they had similar issues and were turned away because of what they were wearing despite seeing others with similar outfits be let in.

McCaskiel message to other Charlotte bars, clubs, and restaurants:

“Really train your staff to be as inclusive as possible. No one wants to feel judged or left out. So if there are certain guidelines when it comes to dress code, train your staff to know what is and what isn’t discriminative.”

WCCB reached out to the bar to see if they could answer questions, and we did not get a response. McCaskiel says the bar updated their Instagram, including information to explain their dress code guidelines further. You can find it here.