Lancaster Co. Man Growing Frustrated About Issues With New Home

LANCASTER CO., S.C. – A Lancaster County man says he’s growing frustrated about a long list of issues he’s had with a new home he recently bought.

He worries the builder is rushing to get homes done, leaving several problems behind.

“We were excited, you know, we were excited to find our home, to find a place where our kids could grow up,” says Lancaster Co. resident A.J. Peterson.

Peterson closed on his new home in the “Bretange by Pulte Homes” community near Indian Land last September.

“Didn’t have any reservation, we’d heard good things about Pulte,” he says.

But his excitement quickly grew into frustration, saying problems with the home have gone unfixed for months.

He showed us blue tape all over his walls marking paint issues, floor boards coming up, issues with the shower door, and a crack in the wall recently formed along the side of the chimney.

“It’s just been continuously other things, you know, kind of falling apart that you really wouldn’t expect to fall apart within the first four months of living in the home,” Peterson says.

He feels like the company is rushing to put up new homes and ignoring those who already live there.

A.J. says his family was the first to move into the new Pulte Homes community.

And in the four months since, he says construction has started on about 40 to 50 more homes.

“We get a lot of things like, ‘Oh, it’s within a tolerance, it’s in tolerance, so we’re just gonna kind of look the other way,’ and we thought what we were buying was a quality home and come to find out, and come to find out I guess we just bought an ‘in tolerance’ home,” Peterson says.

He says he wants the company to step up and give him the home he thought he was buying.

“Fixed, I don’t want band aids, I want a new home. This is our first home, this is where we plan to live with our kids, and raise our kids, and we want something that we can be proud of,” he says.

WCCB Charlotte sent Pulte Homes A.J.’s complete list of issue he says he’d had with the home and asked for a response.

A spokesperson says the company is in touch and working with the home owner to address his concerns.