Storm Preparations Underway in Lancaster County

LANCASTER, SC – South Carolina counties are preparing for ice and some snow this weekend. Emergency crews were in planning meetings for most of the day Thursday, while people living in Lancaster county have mixed reactions to the incoming storm.

“I’m not worried about it. It’ll be here and be gone in a day or two,” said one man shopping at Lowes.

“I’m excited. I’ve never really seen snow like that so I think it’s going to be cool,” said another woman.

People are out and about picking up some of the essentials.

“Milk and bread and eggs and stuff,” said Chandra Dutta.

She’s getting prepared for a long weekend.

“We’re very excited. Doing some grocery shopping and stocking up the pantry for the weekend,” said Dutta

She’s looking forward to spending time with her kids and home and not getting out on the roads.

“Charlotte roads are not meant for snow driving I think so I’ll just be staying home,” said Dutta.

Meanwhile, emergency service crews are planning for a worst case scenario.

“We’re trying to take care of people who for some reason have gotten into harm’s way. Or are in need of public safety in one way shape or form,” said Darren Player, the Lancaster County Emergency Management Director.

He says they’ll have crews on standby if conditions take a turn for the worst.

“The very top of my concern list is freezing rain,” said Player.

He says heavy ice can be disastrous and lead to power outages.

“That’s what brings the power lines down and of course when people are out of electricity, that’s a real concern anywhere for emergency services,” said Player.