Months After A Life Changing Fall A Shelby Family Focuses On The Future

CHARLOTTE, NC – A new outlook on life for a Shelby father who was paralyzed in a fall back in October.

Travis Hoyle and his family have been making the adjustment, with the help of people in their community. Still dealing with the mental and emotional struggles, they’re making plans and looking forward to the next year.

“Just adapting to this wheelchair life,” said Travis Hoyle.

Hoyle is checking off milestones. Like driving with hand controls for the first time.

“I only went off the road twice,” said Hoyle with a laugh, “But I got it back on.”

Hoyle was helping a friend build a deck on October 14th when he somehow fell more than 15 feet. Travis broke two vertebrae and suffered a spinal cord injury paralyzing him from the waist down.

“It’s just these waves of emotions from being thankful that he’s alive, but also just so many new challenges that we never expected before,” said  Hoyle’s wife Staci.

She says it’s been a roller coaster of emotion.

“You have this plan for your life and when that plan is suddenly changed, it kind of messes with your head,” said Staci.

And while the struggle both mentally and emotionally does continue, the physical adaptation is getting easier. Thanks to a helpful community.

“Thankfully we have a lot of help. People picking the kids up and taking them to school. Travis’s dad has been really helpful taking him to physical therapy,” said Staci.

Neighbors, friends and church members have Re-done the doorways in the home to allow his wheelchair to fit through.

The bathroom has been retrofitted with accessible hardware.. Their bed can move like a hospital bed to help with getting in and out.

Life for the Hoyle’s has changed, but they’re still focused on checking off milestones, like Travis returning to work and traveling as a family.

“We’re going on a cruise in December because we’re told that they’re very accessible and wheelchair friendly,” said Staci Hoyle.