NC Court Releases Redrawn Congressional And State District Maps

CHARLOTTE, NC – A  challenge is expected after a three judge panel released the redrawn congressional district maps on Wednesday.

“These maps look very different than the ones that the general assembly proposed. The court had a goal of maximizing competitive districts so they drew the districts in ways that are very different than what we’ve seen in North Carolina,” said Eric Heberlig, a political science professor at UNC Charlotte.

He says the maps were changed at the last minute by the judges panel to reflect more competitive districts.

There are now 14 congressional districts. With Mecklenburg split between 12 and 14.

“It’s also going to be districts that are harder for the elected representatives to represent. Because they’re going to have to balance urban suburban and rural interests. They can’t just speak for any one of those constituencies,” said Heberlig.

Both state democrats and republicans weren’t happy with today’s decision. House speaker Tim Moore saying in a statement

“The ruling is nothing short of egregious.”

He continued by calling the decision unconstitutional and vowing to appeal the judges ruling on the congressional maps.

Meanwhile, Governor Roy Cooper is upset over the State Senate and House maps that were also approved by the panel. He said in a statement that the elections should be put on hold.

“That is bad for North Carolina because it strips voters of their voice in our democracy,” said Cooper.