Local Businesses Pull Russian Products In Light Of Conflict

CHARLOTTE, NC – Local businesses are doing what they can to show support for the people in Ukraine, by pulling Russian products from their inventory. 

“We’re pulling all Russian products off the floor and trying to promote anything Ukrainian,” said Drew Podrebarac, the general manager at Souther Spirits in Indian Land. 

He says about twenty percent of their vodka sales comes from Russian Vodkas. 

“We want to take leadership as small business owners where we can actually make an impact,” said Podrabarac. 

But now, they’re putting them off the floor and won’t restock the current Russian vodkas once they run out. 

Podrebarac also says they’re now promoting the Ukrainian labels they carry. 

“It’s pretty cool actually seeing people come in and being so supportive and wanting to buy the vodka just because it’s supporting that nation,” said Podrabarac. 

Midwood smokehouse is also pulling two Russian vodka labels from its inventory. They’re bringing in an American vodka from Texas. 

“We’re switching to a Texas vodka, Deep Eddy, which we already have some in house, but it will be our house vodka,” said Remy Thurston,  the marketing director for the restaurant group.

He says this isn’t a political statement, but something they felt was right to do. 

“It’s an anti-war message if anything. It’s not political to be anti-violence,” said Thurston.

He says Russian vodka will likely be off the menu for the foreseeable future. 

“As of right now, it is a permanent change. We don’t have any reason to go back right now,” said Thurston.