Morning Brew: 52 Reptiles Found In Man’s Clothes + A Couple Of 30 Years Has Never Argued

CHARLOTTE, N.C — In this Pure Intentions Coffee Morning Brew, 52 reptiles are found in a man’s clothes, and a couple that has been married for 30 years claim to have never had a single argument.

Border patrol agents in California caught a man trying to slither across the U.S. Mexico border with 52 reptiles hidden in his clothing. They found 52 live reptiles tied up in small bags hidden in his jacket, pants pockets and groin area.

Hannah and Blair Keeley have been married for 30 years and claim they’ve never raised their voices at each other, including while parenting seven kids. While they admit they have gotten upset with each other, they say instead of choosing to be angry with each other, they choose to fight on the same side.