Business Owner Involved In Parking Space Dispute Says She Was “Wrongfully Arrested”

CHARLOTTE, NC – What started as a dispute over parking spaces between Noble Smoke and The Good Life At Enderly Park in West Charlotte; has now turned into a social media back and forth and an arrest.

“I’ve been terrorized. I am bullied,” said Robbie Guzman, the owner of The Good Life At Enderly Park.

“You don’t threaten people’s safety,” said Megachurch Pastor Penny Maxwell in an Instagram video.

Guzman, who’s legal name is Roberta McNair, says she was wrongfully arrested on Wednesday after an online exchange with Maxwell.

“I had to be handcuffed. I had to be finger printed. I had to sit in the holding,” said Guzman.

Guzman is accused of communicating threats. She says she only asked questions and didn’t make any threats. According to the arrest warrant, Guzman wrote on social media “do you want to have a shoot-out at church this coming Sunday.”

“She’s proving what I’m saying. Her privilege allows her to do things. She got me arrested for no reason,” said Guzman.

Maxwell posted a seven minute video while appearing to be driving last week.

“You can scream at me because the color of my skin and say white privilege, white privilege, you own a business sister. You own a business. So knock it off. Don’t blame every man because you’re an angry woman,” said Maxwell in the video.

Maxwell says she stands with Jim Noble, the owner of Noble Smoke who was involved in the parking lot dispute. Maxwell says Noble is having his business and reputation attacked.

“He goes out, and the undesirables, the ones that are laying in the streets that Jim Noble loves and cares for that most people in Charlotte would step over, that man loves them,” said Maxwell in the video.

Meanwhile, Guzman says she’s now being intimidated and receiving threats against her and her business.

“I just want to make sure that I’m safe and that I’ll be able to resume business. and that there will be some sort of accountability for what has gone wrong here,” said Guzman.

Penny Maxwell was unavailable to answer questions. Her assistant sent WCCB a statement saying the pastor has no further comment now that this is a legal matter.
Guzman has a court date in September.