Winners Announced In First-Ever CLT Brewed Awards

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — CLT Brewed Week kicked off Friday with the announcement of the best beers in town.

Certified judges from the Carolina BrewMasters homebrew club carefully analyzed and scored over 120 entries across ten beer categories to pick the winners of the first-ever CLT Brewed Awards.

Presented and organized by the Charlotte Independent Brewers Alliance (CIBA), the judging competition also named its Crown Jewel winner (Best of Show), runner up and honorable mention.

“To have the support, expertise and sheer volume of beer knowledge from the Carolina BrewMasters behind this new judging competition really gives it instant credibility,” said Adam Glover, CIBA events committee co-chair.

Officials say Modal A head brewer, Jerod Jones, will add the Crown Jewel award to his collection this 2022 for his Prohibition ESB in the Pale/Blonde beer category.

In 2021, officials say Model A Brewing was called out in U.S. Open’s top 10 favorite beer names for Magic Carpet Rye’d, which also won bronze at the GABF competition in the rye beer category.


2022 CLT Brewed Awards

1. Lost Worlds Brewing – Vista IPA
2. Middle James Brewing Company – Hoppy Mama
3. Devils Logic Brewing – Space Rodeo

1. Southern Range Brewing Co. – Tiny Ass Umbrella
2. Cabarrus Brewing Company – Sew Juicy
3. Sugar Creek Brewing Company – Unlimited Juice

1. Southern Range Brewing Co. – Carolina Pilsner
2. Legal Remedy Brewing – Schwarz Beer
3. Lenny Boy Brewing Co. – Uno Mas Mexican Lager

1. Middle James Brewing Company- Great Musa Hefeweizen
2. Cavendish Brewing Company – Generous Heart Hefeweizen
3. Seaboard Brewing – Orange Honey Wheat

1. Heist Brewery – Dark Czech Lager
2. Model A Brewing Co. – Magic Carpet Rye’d Roggenbier
3. Lost Worlds Brewing – Vasa Baltic Porter

1. Model A Brewing Co. – Prohibition ESB
2. Heist Brewery – Because Stone Kolsch Said So
3. Devils Logic Brewing – Kommunity Kolsch

1. Lenny Boy Brewing Co. – Plumonary Groove
2. Town Brewing – Outside the Lines
3. Lenny Boy Brewing Co. – Reduction Series 3

1. Triple C Brewing Company – Rainbow Sherbert
2. Middle James Brewing Company – Blueberry Wheat
3. King Canary Brewing Co. – Orange Hawkscicle

1. Amor Artis Brewing – Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Barleywine
2. Petty Thieves Brewing Co. – Persephone
3. Protagonist Beer – Barrel Aged Galileo

1. Petty Thieves Brewing Co. – All Is Not Lost
2. Lore Brewing Company – Rips Wake Up Call
3. Seaboard Brewing – Court Shoes Only Night Sessions

1. Model A Brewing Co. – PALE/BLONDE – Prohibition ESB
2. Heist – DARK/MALTY – Czech Dark Lager
3. Lenny Boy – SOUR – Plumonary Groove