Tresor Mbuyu’s Journey to Charlotte Independence

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In his third year with Charlotte Independence, Tresor Mbuyu is having a break-out season, but you won’t hear him bragging about making a big impact on the pitch.

“It’s nothing about me,” Mbuyu said. “It’s all about the team because any of that wouldn’t happen without my teammates and the coaching staff.”

Success has not come easy, and his journey to get here has given him perspective. He moved to Charlotte from the Democratic Republic of the Congo when he was in middle school. Adjusting was hard, but he was quickly introduced to One7, which is a local organization that serves refugees and immigrants here in the Queen City. He quickly got involved with their soccer team.

“I started playing with one7 after a couple of months into the states, and I think it was a comfortable thing for me because there were a lot of international guys from different backgrounds,” Mbyuy said. “It didn’t really matter where you were from, and the guys were just very friendly, welcoming.”

Soccer became much more than just a way to find community in his new city. It gave him a feature he may not have had otherwise.

“Soccer really opened the door for me because I don’t think my parents were able to pay for me because we were just the third year or fourth year in the country,” Mbuyu said.

After attending Liberty University, he played for several pro teams before sighing with Charlotte Independence in 2020. He’s now a leader on the team that tries to find joy in the highs and lows.”

“One thing about me I’m always trying to, whether it’s small or big, it doesn’t matter what it is, I always just got to be grateful because I might think I have less, but some people have less than I do,” Mbuyu said.

Now he just wants to see himself and his team reach their full potential.

“Since I was a kid I always wanted to play pro. We’re working together and trying to push to where we want to be, whether that’s to win the championship or go above that.”