Rising’s Lauren McDonald Running NYC Marathon To Raise Money For A Good Cause

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – You know Lauren McDonald as the smart, friendly host of WCCB News Rising. You’ve seen her “Do My Job” segments, where she’ll try just about anything. But did you know, Lauren is also a marathon runner? She ran the Chicago Marathon last year. And now, she’ll run the New York City Marathon!

Lauren invited WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty to join her on a training run at Freedom Park. After a good stretch, they hit the pavement. Morgan asked Lauren how it felt to cross the finish line in Chicago. Lauren says, “The last mile, when I saw the last mile sign, I picked up my pace, it was crazy.”

Morgan and Lauren ran, and ran and ran, until Morgan suggested they walk. For Lauren, the jog was nothing. She says, “I’ve been training all year for the marathon. I never really stopped training after Chicago.”

She’ll run 26.2 miles in New York City, through all five boroughs. She’ll run with her brother. And when it gets tough, this is what she thinks about: “I’m thinking, ‘yeah this hurts but how lucky am I to be somebody who’s able to run for all these people who can’t?'”

Lauren is running to raise money for the American Cancer Society. She says, “I have people in my family that have been taken by cancer, so that was important for me to do.” Both of Lauren’s grandfathers died from cancer. She runs for them, and even her dog, who was also diagnosed with cancer. He’s now in remission. It’s that love and support of family that inspires Lauren to dig deep when her muscles are sore and her lungs are burning. She says, “The most emotional I got was seeing my friends in the crowd, and seeing other people running see their family and friends.”

“We can’t do our work without people like Lauren,” says Mel Toran. He is the executive director for the American Cancer Society in western North Carolina and all of South Carolina. Toran says for every dollar raised, 80 cents goes to cancer patient services, research and education. He calls the fundraising efforts of people like Lauren “absolutely critical.” Toran says, “I am thankful for her support. I understand she has a connection to cancer just like I do. I lost both of my parents, and I believe she lost both of her grandparents, so it’s personal for me and I’m sure it’s personal for her, so I thank her for what she’s done.”

Back at the park, with her training run done, Lauren lets Morgan in on the less appealing parts of marathon running. She says with a laugh, “You will chafe in places you didn’t know possible.” And, “I lather my whole body in Vaseline before I put on my clothes. That helps.” She’s already mapped her post marathon plans: “Oh man, I’m gonna make a beeline for the hotel, take a shower, take a moment, and then I’m going to treat myself to a delicious meal and a glass of wine.”

Lauren has raised $3,200 so far for the American Cancer Society. You can donate until the day of the race, November 6th. To donate to Lauren’s fundraiser, click here.