The Christmas Music Switch Is Now ‘On’

It is November 1st, and radio stations across the country are beginning 24-7 Christmas music.

‘Magis 98.9’ in Upstate South Carolina switched to all holiday music starting at 5 the morning of November 1st. ‘93.9 Lite’ in Chicago says” “The day after Halloween, listeners are ready to hear Christmas music… Chicagoans will be sure to get in a festive mood with non-stop holiday music.”

There is a big debate on Twitter about when to start listening to Christmas music! Kristin Hopkins tweeted: “With everyone going on in the world, you bet your bottom dollar I will be blasting Christmas music and putting up decorations this week. Choose joy, y’all.” Jeremiah Hall says: “As a November baby, it really bothers me already hearing Christmas music. As if the most important holiday isn’t in 23 days.”

Our question of the night: When is it appropriate to start playing Christmas music?

This episode features:
WCCB News Edge contributor Ashley Anderson
WCCB TV’s Kaitlin Wright