Statesville Police Department Using The Help Of Retired Officers to Re-Open 31-Year-Old Cold Case

STATESVILLE, N.C. — For 31 years, Mary Davidson has lived with the pain of not knowing who killed her mother.

“I’m sorry that they did it to you,” Davidson said right after looking at a picture of her mother.
On January 4th, 1992, 68-year-old Ethel Weaver was found stabbed to death in her home on Bond Street. The money she had on her was taken.
It’s a case the Statesville Police Department is now giving extra attention to with the help of a handful of retired officers.
“She really wants to close this and I want to give her that closure,” said Bill Riter.
Riter is a retired Captain with the Statesville Police Department. Riter and a few other retired officers have been brought in on a part-time basis to reopen cold cases. Weaver’s will be the first.
chief onley
“We have a wealth of experience from an investigative standpoint now they can really focus on some of our cold cases,” explained Statesville Chief of Police, David Onley,
 Onley got the idea a few years back from another cold case retired officers were able to solve.
“It opened your eyes because it gives you the ability to have people with a lot of investigative experience focus on one thing and not get pulled off,” said Onley.
The fresh sets of eyes on the case has reinvigorated the idea that her mother’s killer may one day, after all these years,  be brought to justice.
“I just hope they find something. At least find out who the person was,” said Davidson.
Riter says he would like to speak to anyone who may have seen Weaver the day she was killed,  January 3rd, 1992.
Anyone with information about this case is being asked to contact the Statesville Police Department at 704-878-3515