NCAE Files Lawsuit Against Gaston Co. BOE Over Ongoing Payroll Issues

GASTONIA, N.C. – After more than a year of persistent payroll problems, the North Carolina Association of Educators is suing the Gaston County Board of Education on behalf of district employees.

“We’re done being patient. We’re done waiting for things to be fixed,” says Gaston NCAE President Pam Miller.

Employees have complained for months about not getting paid right away or having too much money deducted from their paychecks.

“The reality is that most educators live paycheck to paycheck, and we have young educators that are trying to pay back student loans, we have families with kids that are in college, kids that are in sports and all of that requires money,” Miller says.

The problems started when the district switched its payroll system to Oracle in January 2022.

Read the full lawsuit below:

NCAE Gaston County Lawsuit 2023-03-14