Up ‘n Adam: Charlotte SHOUT!!!!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Bahakel Entertainment Correspondent Adam Wurtzel went Uptown to check out what’s happening at the multi-week Charlotte SHOUT!!!! festival.

Adam discovered that Charlotte SHOUT!!!! has four pillars.  Ideas, Art, Food and Music.  First up, interactive art was the theme as we discovered Easter Eggs on Parade and In(ter)sects, art installations that can be touched and played.

After that, it was a Rising first.  An interview on a See Saw, at the musical art installations known as POP! and Impulse, both coming to Charlotte from Montreal.

The art theme continued as Up ‘n Adam met SHOUT!!!! Executive Producer Robert Krumbine, who showed us some massive murals being painted in the Uptown vicinity.

Finally, it was time to discover the Pianodrome, made completely from “upcycled” pianos.  A piano within many pianos, the Pianodrome is a performance space from Scotland where guests can enjoy live pianists throughout the festival.

Charlotte SHOUT!!!! runs through 4/16.  For more info, click HERE.