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Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Jon Tritsch has injected those words into his veins and nothing draws the passion out more than sports. One year in school he dressed up like a football goalpost for Halloween, drew the Nebraska “N” in ketchup on every single sandwich and read off the class roll with height, weight and hometown as if it was a starting lineup. He was 9. There was no turning back.

Jon grew up in Nebraska, played five sports in high school and football in college in Minnesota. Despite his love of competing, Jon was always very aware of his God-given athletic limitations. The focus was always to become a sportscaster. After graduating college, he became an entry-level reporter in Lincoln covering University of Nebraska sports, but worked the overnight shift at a grocery store to pay the bills.

His first anchoring position came in Sioux City, Iowa, where he developed a passion for storytelling and being involved in the community. He moved on to Central Texas where he covered Baylor and the religion of high school football.

As a son of a kindergarten teacher, Jon felt a calling to get out of TV to coach and teach special education at an inner city high school. It was the most rewarding experience of his life but he couldn’t get rid of the craving to tell stories and cover big games. He returned to broadcasting at the CBS/FOX station in Bakersfield. In 2016, Jon accepted a sports anchor role at the Las Vegas CBS. He’s most proud of the community connections he made including being a core member of Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a non-profit that builds and delivers beds for children in desperate need and frequent visits to a second grad classroom. Las Vegas also delivered the expansion Golden Knights, re-locating Raiders,
and a few things on Fremont Street he’d rather his parents not learn about on this bio page.

In the fall of 2022, Jon accepted the sports anchor/reporter role at WCCB Charlotte. He wants to find new ways to capture the essence of this great sports city and tell stories that can inspire and entertain.

Jon is proud of his Faith and has a drive to serve others. He hopes to have a family and dog someday but is taking on responsibility gradually starting with a house plant and possibly using the stove. Most of all, Jon wants to tell your story and how sports have impacted your life.

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