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Cannon to His Kids: 'Dad Sinned'

Patrick Cannon's dramatic fall from grace ends with a federal prison sentence of 44 months. The defense argued Cannon punished himself enough and that his kids needed him. Prosecutors said it was up to the court to send a strong…

Patrick Cannon Will Learn Fate Next Week

The ex-mayor's sentencing hearing is Tuesday. One of Charlotte's top defense attorneys talks with WCCB about the one thing Cannon shouldn't do in the courtroom next week.

NAACP Speaks Out on Voter ID Law

North Carolina's new voter ID law is under intense scrutiny. The Charlotte NAACP is warning voters to be on the lookout for voter intimidation scams.

U.S. Gaining Support to Fight ISIS

About 40 nations have agreed to join the coalition against the terror group. Several countries have even pledged ground troops to fight ISIS.


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