Waiting Child

Waiting Child: Shanyia

Shanyia loves to bake sweets, dance and listen to music. Right now she's looking for a family to adopt her. Watch the story!

Waiting Child: Tiquan

Meet Tiquan. He's a young child waiting for a family to adopt him. Watch the story to see how he reports the weather!

Waiting Child: Christopher

Christopher tests his skills as a reporter and crunches numbers on the basketball court. Here's Christopher's story.

Waiting Child: Elijah

Meet Elijah! He's a smart and musically talented 8th grader looking for a mom and dad.

Waiting Child: Haley

Learn more about Haley. She's a 9th grader who has a huge heart for others. She really wants a family to call her own.

Waiting Child: Dustin

This week's Waiting Child will make your heart melt. He's outgoing and has a big personality. The only thing missing in his life is a family to call his own.

Waiting Child: Mary

She a big heart, enjoys the outdoors and loves animals. The only thing missing is she doesn't have a family to call her own.

Waiting Child: Amanda

Amanda can crack any murder mystery case and has a heart for babies. She's dreaming of finding a forever family. Is that you?

Waiting Child: Derek

Meet a young man who is ambitious, loves getting his adrenaline pumping and enjoys nature. He's in need of a family to love him and care for him.

Waiting Child: Ashley

She's a talented young lady looking for a family to call her own. A must see Waiting Child Feature

Waiting Child: Elijah

This week's Waiting Child has a contagious laugh and a bubbling personality. He's looking for a family to call his own. Watch Elijah's story.

Waiting Child: Amanda

Meet a child who loves to sing, dance and draw. Listen to her sing about living in a temporary home.

Waiting Child: Amy

Help a young girl find a family. She loves to laugh and likes cooking. Watch her story!

Waiting Child: Latisha

Meet Latisha. She's 16 years old and has a big heart. She's looking for a family to call her own. Is it you?

Waiting Child: Dalton

Meet this week's Waiting Child. He loves the outdoors and has a mean free throw on the basketball court.

Waiting Child: Kenneth and Kendra

Check out this story of Kenneth and Kendra. They have a strong brotherly/sisterly bond. They're loving, kind, sweet, and charming. Most importantly, they're looking for a family to call their own.

Waiting Child: Antonio

Meet Antonio! He's a loving teenager with a lot to offer. He's looking for a family to call his own. Is it you?

Waiting Child: Austin

Austin's smart and funny. He loves playing video games, but more importantly he's hoping a family will love him forever.