Man on the Edge – Costume of the Year

This video is no longer available.

The countdown to Halloween is on!  Only 30 days left to figure out what you’re going to be this year.  It’s a challenge for all the dress-up types to find just the right balance between self expression and pop culture references, and we want to know what you think the perfect mix will be.  

Once you get all grown up, your Halloween costume usually becomes a reflection of what’s making headlines in society.  For example, you’d better believe there’s going to be a buttload of Walter Whites and Jesse Pinkmans handing out bags of blue rock candy this Halloween.  “Breaking Bad” is huge right now, and the finale means it’s a part of all our collective consciousness.  We’ve already seen a packaged version of the Miley Cyrus “twerk” outfit on the Internet, too.

And politics are always big at Halloween.  You can bet that President Obama will be a popular mask at the costume shop… just make sure you don’t wear it at a rodeo.

And the notoriety of one costume will mean you see a few more people wearing it as well.  Walmart pulled the “Bearded Turban Man” from shelves this week , but you know exactly who it is, and you can still order it online.

Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, loves to play dress up, which is why he wants to know: What costume will be the “big one” this year?