Waiting Child: Montavious

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.- This week’s Waiting Child is an inspiration.  He’s mature and intelligent.  He’s fun and full of life.  His biggest dream in life is to help others, but the one thing he longs for is a family that will love him. 

Meet Montavious.  His friends call him Te, “It’s been over half my life that I’ve been in foster care.”  He’s 15 years old with a bugging personality and a heart for helping others.

Te enjoys hanging out with friends and loves anything that deals with technology.  Not only is he a gamer but he also creates Nintendo games.  He tells me you can actually go online and download, ” It’s 12 games I programmed so far on my 3DS which is very hard because you have to sit there and you have to type.”

Montavious’s favorite subjects are math and science. His dream is to find a cure for a number of diseases. This guy loves a challenge.  After losing a friend to a deadly illness., he made a vow to study hard and stay in school so he can prevent others from suffering, ” I really made him a promise to try and do something for people who can’t move their arms and limbs to try to help them out.”

With a bright future ahead of him, all Te really wants is a family to welcome him into their lives forever, ” A family would be the best thing.  It would be the best in the world.”

Consider adoption you have the power to change a life.