The Good, The Bad & The Weird: Unlikely Pair, Movie Rental Arrest, & Cat Curling

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It’s a funky morning in The Good, The Bad and the Weird with Kristine Zell.

Stories about animal rescures are always great – but this one out of Georgia is extra special.

A fluffy chicken, saved from a lab, has a special bond with a two-legged chihuahua named Roo. These pictures are from the Duluth Animal Hospital. So cute!

If this South Carolina woman didn’t like the movie Monster-In-Law when she rented it, she definitely doesn’t like it now! She was arrested this month for never returning the rental back in 2005. The store isn’t even still in business!

And the Cat Curling is going viral once again – since people seem to be getting tired of watching the real deal. A Youtube user posted inserted cats into a curling competition for the 2006 games. Think this would help NBC’s ratings?