The QC Scene: 4SeTV Sportsbar Viewing inside your Home

This video is no longer available.

 CHARLOTTE, N.C. —  Silicon Valley start-up 4SeTV is spreading the word about its new product that solves one of the biggest challenges of the TV-viewing experience. Specifically, 4SeTV lets people view any four live shows simultaneously on a single screen. Additionally, 4SeTV lets families view different shows at the same time on the TV, smartphone, laptop, tablet or other smart device.

     No more channel flipping between important sporting events – no more fighting over the remote. 4SeTV is perfect for families, sports fans, or anyone else who often finds themselves toggling back and forth between television programming.

     Creator and founder Hyung Lim made a trip out to Charlotte to give Rance an up close and personal demo on the future of TV viewing.