Deputy’s Family Sends Message at Visitation

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UNION COUNTY, NC — Funeral services will begin Saturday for Sgt. Jeff Greene, the deputy killed Wednesday after an 18-wheeler landed on top of his cruiser.

It was silent Friday around the church as the hearse carrying Sgt. Greene arrived for the visitation services.

“We’re all in disbelief,” said Capt. Jeff Outen.

Capt. Outen read a message outside the visitation from Sgt. Greene’s wife and daughters.
In it, they point out the nurse who tried to save him Wednesday.

 “To Ms. Amber McCann, thank you for doing what you could for Jeff at the scene of the accident. May God bless you,” read Capt. Outen.

The trucker who killed Sgt. Greene, Eddie Weeks, faces misdemeanor death by vehicle, and Capt. Outen says the family has thought about that through their grief.

“They know that, you know, he didn’t wake up that morning and expect to be in what happened that day, and there is a level of forgiveness there,” said Capt. Outen.

WCCB Charlotte investigated Weeks’ trucker history and learned he owns the semi. Inspections dating back to September reveal three breaks on the semi were out of adjustment, according to the Highway Patrol. Also, it has a leaking fuel line.

Those factors, troopers say, would have put Weeks’ semi out of service if law enforcement had pulled him over.

“We deal with death and things like this on a daily basis,” said Sheriff Eddie Cathey. “I guess now it’s come home to our own family.”

Troopers say initial findings say Weeks did not stop in time at the Highway 74 and Sutherland Ave. traffic light. He hit another semi, and flipped on top of the cruiser.

Captain Outen didn’t just send a message from the family Friday, he also spoke for his friend.

“He would say, ‘Don’t worry about me, and I’ll see you at another time,'” said Capt. Outen. “He would be looking down on us all and thank us and be very proud.”